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Custom Fine Furniture

Designed and Handcrafted in Essex, Vermont

The Lewis Woodshop Approach

Lewis Woodshop is a custom woodshop located in rural Essex, Vermont that produces fine, heirloom-quality furniture. Using locally sourced materials, David builds each piece from hand, incorporating various styles, including Shaker, Japanese Kumiko and modern. Whether you want furniture that evokes the warmth and sophistication of Europe, the precision and architecture of Asuka-era Japan, or the rugged authenticity of Vermont, Lewis Woodshop has all your needs covered.

Furniture As Art

Artistic and Creative Pieces Handcrafted at Museum-level Quality

David pours himself into his craft, building each piece toward a perfect harmony of utlilitarian and aesthetic ideals. As such, his finished products are so much more than just functional - they are truly works of art, built by hand, and showcasing an unwavering passion and dedication to the craft.

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Exceptionally Yours

At Lewis Woodshop, Custom Projects are a Specialty

Do you have an idea for a unique piece? I am happy to partner with you to create hand-made custom furniture. Please contact me with your ideas for you custom tables, dressers or other furniture and I will walk you through the different choices in wood, styles and designs.

Custom Projects

Handcrafted in Essex, Vermont

Crafted Using Locally Sourced Materials

David hand-crafts each piece at his 1,000 square foot woodshop located in Essex, Vermont - a small town located 20 minutes outside Burlington. Using a combination of power tools and basic hand chisels, saws and sanders, David creates at once classic and unique pieces that will both inspire and evoke.

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"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind"

- Johannes Brahms